Charts can't lie, see the facts! Even hypocrite Mitt Romney admits that President Obama has what it takes to turn the economy around. This world will destroy by politics because the people don't know the facts. Even God said, "my people perish because lack of knowledge." The truth shall set you free! Vote for the truth, vote for President Obama 2012 and you shall be free from Republicans evil plans. President Obama will not let you die by the way-side like his opponents, the Republicans!

Mitt Romney claimed he created jobs, but the facts are proof that Mitt Romney killed jobs to make big profits!

Medicare, Medicaid & Social Security are three of the core principles that symobolize the American Dream. Protect the American Dream by protecting Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security!

Situations tends to distract minds with the cares of life, but always remember, the good that one has done should never be forgotten. And for that perspective President Barack Obama has done a great lot not just for the America people, but for the economy and other foreign counties . Things may not seem vivid to many at the moment due to the clouded situation of the economy, but if one take a moment to view the video below I think it might bring back that reflection. The person airing the video has a clear vision of the things President Obama has done and I think you might too once you view the video.

Sometimes in order to see things in a clearer picture it always good to review and have that recollection like in the video above.

President Obama gave a speech laying out the jobs plan. The plan will put
more than a million back to work. And this include Teachers, Fire-Fighters
and Veterans. The plan will also improve the economy by about one plus
point which will continue to add growth and strengthen the economy in
the years to come. Congress must act now in order for the plan to begin taking
effect and get people back in the work place.

Republicans lies exposed on the Health Care Reform. Many people do not know the truth about the Health Care Reform. And so the Republicans manipulate it's content and deceived the people with their lies. They do this in order to keep the Insurance Companies in control of the people pocket-book. With Health care premium cost have no limit or end in sight.

Millions of people out of work and the economy growth is slowly striving
and President Obama passed the jobs bill so long and constantly asking
the Republicans to put aside their politics and work toward
passing the jobs bill so that people can get back to work
and in order for the economy can start growing at a faster pace.
And as usual the Republicans already starting up a drama saying
the plan won't pass Congress!